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good pacing and well drawn. a nice little animation.

SnowBacon responds:

Thank you so much! :D

A celebration of the created image.

An inspiring way to marry sound with image. i do like how the audio in this is almost a substitute for the visual (when the big square knocks something over with no visual cues)

This is a perfect way to push against the hyper realistic 'more detail is better' views that so manny people have.

Well idealised and well executed.

well i like it.

there is something about your simplistic character animation style that appeals to me. good clean lines and everything being drawn gives a charm that is mimicked in your crazy voice acting. i like the voice you use when you say 'episode one'. gets me every time. i don't know why you inbetween the hand gestures in the later half of the animation but not in the first, although it is hardly noticeable.

LazyMuffin responds:

"inbetween the hand gestures"? Not sure what that means.
There's not a single tween in that flash.


i wish everyone put as much effort into there animations as you do, including myself. amazing animation with good narrative, my only minor criticism is that the scene where the sheriff come back feels a bit wooden.


its good to see an animation with meaning for once, i enjoyed every single second of this fantastic animation.

not bad, infact i like it!

its enjoyable to watch yourself experiment with the animation, at points it reminded me of len lye and other non specific abstracted animations of other creators of which i forget the names. however the movement effect of the flying insect was too long, not in time in actual length, it ruins the effect if the length of the blured glowing line is too long for the distance of the movment.


you need to look at everything in screen, think about a film language that will work best for this kinda of calming scene. research animated and live action movies to see what works best, glistening water and birds flying towards a sunset is a good place to start. just think about what makes those elements calming, and represent them as best you can. i personally would like to see rolling glistening seas as people on boats passed below. just think, why? why have birds? why have the sun in the centre of the screen? why is it over the sea? understand these and it will make your movie alot more powerful.

LegendSirk responds:

thanks for the review, it does help ^_^

This may be one of the highest rated reviews..

..i have ever done.

Awe-inspiring, visually stunning, fantastic use of colour and high contrast black and white. The animation was very smooth and visually pleasing, and also lots of points for your creativity, i wish there was more animation on here to this caliber.

I think you should work more on human form. i would simply do lots of life drawing, either with a model or just going out there and drawing people in malls or streets ect. its the best and quickest way to get used to drawing the human form in animation. For me, one stick figure in an animation is one stick figure too manny.

Try new things.

i think you should try new things, although you say 'stop nagging me about changing graphics ect' i think if you dont try new things you wont learn anything. you should try frame by frame animation and see if you enjoy it.

VioletVulpine responds:

I tried FBF before, it isn't good

work things out.

nicely put together but you need to work on your walk cycles and general movements. work more with keyframes at key-points in cycles. it helps to research what movements you want to create before creation, either from live action and/or from other animations, but remember exaggeration in animation works well (doesn't always have to be to an over the top cartoon caliber). work with things, the more work you but in the more it will shine through, good luck for the future.

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