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well i like it.

there is something about your simplistic character animation style that appeals to me. good clean lines and everything being drawn gives a charm that is mimicked in your crazy voice acting. i like the voice you use when you say 'episode one'. gets me every time. i don't know why you inbetween the hand gestures in the later half of the animation but not in the first, although it is hardly noticeable.

LazyMuffin responds:

"inbetween the hand gestures"? Not sure what that means.
There's not a single tween in that flash.


you need to look at everything in screen, think about a film language that will work best for this kinda of calming scene. research animated and live action movies to see what works best, glistening water and birds flying towards a sunset is a good place to start. just think about what makes those elements calming, and represent them as best you can. i personally would like to see rolling glistening seas as people on boats passed below. just think, why? why have birds? why have the sun in the centre of the screen? why is it over the sea? understand these and it will make your movie alot more powerful.

LegendSirk responds:

thanks for the review, it does help ^_^

Try new things.

i think you should try new things, although you say 'stop nagging me about changing graphics ect' i think if you dont try new things you wont learn anything. you should try frame by frame animation and see if you enjoy it.

VioletVulpine responds:

I tried FBF before, it isn't good


i wish everyone animated like this, not just random crap. i would gladly rate it higher if it where longer ect ect, but although it has no 'story' its plot is nicely interlaced and the animation is quite stunning. i like your style.

PapaLongLegs responds:

thanks a lot! Lets hope everyone reads into this review

i like your style.

i think you should try and make the blood more detailed. zoom in a bit while drawing it and create some frame by frame symbols for blood splatter ect using different shades and more interesting shapes.

overall i enjoyed it, quirky and amusing.

Kreid responds:

aye, to say it was titled blood, I could'a focused more on...well....the blood

its these kinda movies i like...

your not the best at animation in the world, but you really put in the effort and it really pays off big time, keep up the awesome work.

Lazyfeet responds:

Hehe, thanks. I can give my aching hands a rest now I guess.

good for your first.

the frame by frame symbols where pleasing to the eye, as a whole its alot nicer to view than stickmen fighting (most peoples first flash animation).

a few things to work on; think about perspective, things far away in the background (like the clouds) are going to move slower across the screen than somthing close in the foreground (like the grass), it just didnt look right in the movie.

the length of the move is good, with alot happening and good colouring. for a first animation this is very good work, i dont see any lazyness or slacking.

its all up from here. keep at it. its a big learning curve.

YouriX responds:

Thanks for the awsome tips! Next time i'll do something about the perspectives!
thanks for the review ;)

i really enjoyed watching every part of that.

Your animation style is fantastic, your attention to detail and timing are pretty good. most of all this was 100% yours in your own style.

The only criticism i can think of is when you move characters try redrawing the entire char even if you only want to move the hands/arm, that way you dont get small spits in the arm between the moving hand/arm and static body.

Refreshingly original, i really enjoyed every second of this animation.

tacobuttfish responds:

Hey thanks a lot! And thanks for the pointer too, glad you enjoyed it!

-Taco Buttfish.

Nicely Done

i just think the voice acting and quality doesn't do the flash justice. Apart from that it's awesome!

Kreid responds:

Yeah I broke my microphone and had to find one, so I had to kinda rush the voices at last minute to be perfectly honest, but I'll probably get other people for the final version

well, at least the voice acting isnt that bad

shame it was a pointless animation without anything in it. try to put more effort in and think about a script instead of just making stuff up for a few seconds. more (if any) actual animation would be nice. also when you record audio, think about background noises, like the TV and other people in the room.

Pro-cute responds:

I don't care what you think, kthxbye.
It was SUPPOSED to be pointless. Read te comment. I made it out of something my brother said, to make him laugh. Nothing more. I'm not trying to impress anyone, least of al some schmuck I don't even know.

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